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Susan Tillery sutillery at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 19 13:17:37 PST 2007

While I agree that doing the research before you do the piece for competition is the ideal and much simpler, for someone relatively new to competition the other way can be good, too. There is a great deal of learning that takes place when you settle down to try to document something you have done because it felt right.  When it comes down to writing the paper, if you detail what you have learned and what you would do differently the next time based on this then that too in my book would make good documentation and expand the learning process.  Learning and sharing after all is, ultimately, the goal and we must start somewhere.


Hillary Greenslade <hillaryrg at yahoo.com> wrote: Lady Stephanie Lilburn said:

  I agree with Oksana, that if this piece is for competition, you may have wanted to start with the source historical information first.  Consider textile sources, some museums have textile collections, though it maybe hard to find specifically what you are seeking as textiles can degrade over time faster than other hardgood such as armor.  
  I don't have any specific museums to recommend with medieval textile collections, but Chicago Institute of Art has a large textile collection, don't know if any is in our period: 
  The Hammond castle was built by a famous inventor, who also loved medieval antiquites and outfitted his home with them; there maybe reproductions: 
  And of course there is the V&A in England at: 
  You may have to do a lot of google searches for other museums/libraries.  
  And then there is Google Scholar where academic papers and thesis are stored.  If you have a public libary card and it's in the exchange program, you can use it to download articles... I love this site.  
  Good luck, Hillary

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