[Ansteorra] Shakey Knees Scrolls serching for owners

Kaithlen Hamilton kaledain at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 20 06:35:24 PST 2007


I am need of some contact information for those good
gentiles that made their first battle field kill this
past weekend at Bordermarch and have thus earned their
Shakey Knees. I have 6 scrolls that are searching for
their owners. Would the following good gentiles please
contact me with mailing address so that I might assist
the Shakey Knees in finding their way home.

Her Majesty Ebergardis von Zell
Ld Alden Drake
Sara Aston of York
Fergus McNeill
Innis McNeill
Cristyne Lambrechain

Congratulations to you all for your prowess upon the
field this past weekend as you join the ranks of those
who gone before with their knees shaking. 

Kaithleen Hamilton
Principal Scribe 
Barony Bordermarch

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