[Ansteorra] Lost at BAM

Galen Bevel galenbv at ix.netcom.com
Wed Nov 21 10:19:58 PST 2007

Elizabeth Crouchet wrote:

>Dore' lost a marshaling staff at BAM. If anyone has it please let us
>know how to get it back.
>It is spiral wrapped in black and yellow. One end is red and the other
>black. It may have an old thrusting tip just stuck on it but not taped
>to it for use. It may have "Dore'" written on it somewhere.
>It was last seen being used during Crown Tournament. We'd like to have
>it back before Queens.
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I was using that to marshal during the list.   I picked it up off the 
list field when looking for something to marshal with, thinking it 
belonged to bordermarch.  I returned it to the side of the field at the 
end of the day.  Perhaps those who broke down the list might know where 
it ended up?

Galen Kirchenbauer

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