[Ansteorra] BAM Photos - revised

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Wed Nov 21 10:27:20 PST 2007

I took over 1,000 photos last weekend. I got most of the first knighting on
Saturday. The second occurred on the field and I was marshalling, so I did
not have my camera handy - sorry. The bulk of the photos were of the Crown
Tournament on Sunday - about 970 of them. Due to limitations at Flickr, I
had to break them into smaller groups. The last group is now loaded.


You can either go to Flickr and then search for "rthrelkeld" as a user, then
select what you want to see or you can follow the links below. No link for
the last one yet, but I'll post it when I get them loaded.


All my photos


BAM 2007 Morning Knighting


Crown BAM Procession


Crown BAM Fighting 1


Crown BAM Fighting 2


The normal disclaimers apply. These are medium resolution images of my Raw
format 10.2 Megapixel pictures with no cleanup, cropping, etc done at all.
If you see a picture you like, I'll be glad to crop, color adjust, blur
backgrounds, etc. Just send me an email.


You may use these for any non-commercial purposes related to the SCA if you
do not substantially change them. Credits would be appreciated. For other
uses send me an email and we will discuss it.


In service,

Caelin on Andrede

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