[Ansteorra] Glaslen SPAM

Manners, Tabitha tabitha.manners at okstate.edu
Wed Nov 21 12:14:07 PST 2007

Indeed: Nov. 20, 19, 14, 11, 2; Oct. 26, 20, and twice on the 18th.  

When I searched the archives I discovered that there have been numerous
posts in the past years about this event following a similar pattern,
but after looking at them each post while sharing a subject line was at
least unique and written for that post rather than a copy/pasted ad.

This style of advertising can definitely be an annoyance.  I don't even
look at those posts any more and have considered telling Outlook to
automatically delete them for me.  Adding to the amount of e-mail we
must deal with is the number of people doing as I am and expressing that
they too do not like receiving multiple and repeated copies of event ads
and it is all starting to get a little heated.  I wonder if the one
responsible for sending them even reads the list.

Lady Liliana Byrnes

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