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Elizabeth Blackthorne eblackthorne at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 12:58:39 PST 2007

I have only seen the missives about once per week.  To me that is
acceptable.  It's a reminder that this is coming up and start
planning.  We all spam the lists for our events, my rule is once a
month till in the event month, then once per week.  I do it on our
local list when deadlines are approaching, what's wrong with saying an
event is approaching?  Sometimes I see an event and go that looks like
fun, then I space out.  If another post comes along to remind me that
i wanted to go, what's the problem.  I wish I could go to the event in
question, It looks like fun.  So what if it is the same message being
re-sent--Who Cares.  I see all kinds of posts over and over and not
just event ads, sometimes it's official SCA stuff from BOD or Kingdom.
 They go out when they need bids for events.  Spam the lists...I plan
to for our next event

On Nov 21, 2007 2:27 PM, engtrktwo at earthlink.net
<engtrktwo at earthlink.net> wrote:
> I am sorry, but I must disagree,  Lady Lyneya.
> Your chastisement is out of order. These posts are not even unique
> missives, but the effective equivalent of someone hitting the send
> button 8 times to make sure they got the point across.
> This behavior has been discouraged in the past if I recall, and for a
> good reason.
> Neither Glaslyn, nor their spokesperson is no more entitled to spam the
> list than any other group or person. It only serves to lessen the value
> of the message, and is an annoyance that we should not be asked to deal
> with, never mind that it's practice makes keeping track of more
> important e-mails that much more challenging.
> Your thanks for the blessings that Life has to offer us is, indeed, in
> keeping with the best traditions of the SCA, and I do not take away from
> what are truly wonderful things in your life.
> However, this noble virtue of gratitude does not eclipse the
> responsibility of one's own proper conduct, or their right to expect the
> same from their fellow man.
> Lord Ivo Blackhawk
> Susan McMahill wrote:
> > Good gentles;
> >
> > I must say that I am extremely disappointed in what I am seeing here. We have a small canton that is having an event this weekend and has been gracious enough to invite us all to participate. They are most urgent that we take advantage of their hospitality and are eager to make us at home. In this, the holiday season, we should be thankful that our friends in Glaslyn are so willing to make each and every one of us part of their family.
> >
> > There are far more evils in this world than to worry about the number of emails that we get on a single subject these days. I am on three different lists that are all getting emails from Colleen and her Glaslyn family. Thank you, dear for your kind invitations, but we will be out of town this weekend. I was planning on attending until my mother-in-law asked us to join her for dinner on that day. As we will be traveling three hours in the opposite direction, I don't think that we will be able to make it.
> >
> > As for those that are irritated....step back, take a deep breath, and hit the bloody delete button for crying out loud. Your shouting and rudeness offends me and many others who strive to live a more gracious life in the SCA than we find in our mundane world.
> >
> > Having been taught in the last year what one should truly be grateful for, I am extremely thankful for my SCA friends and family, my beloved husband, my son and stepson who live far away. I am mindful that each day could be the last we see each other and that trivial things such as multiple emails are such small things that they don't deserve the energy spent fretting on them. Hug each other and be mindful of your blessings. They deserve your energy, your time, and your love.
> >
> > God's blessings on you all as you travel and spend this holiday with those you love.
> >
> > Lady Lyneya de Grey
> > Well-behaved women rarely make history.
> >
> >
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