[Ansteorra] Glaslyn Artisan - Annoying Threads

Rose & Chad love at roseandchad.net
Wed Nov 21 14:43:54 PST 2007

Hmm... It had not occurred to me to clip it, as it helps me to be able to review the thread from the beginning without having to return to old e-mails that would otherwise be deleted. (And not clutter my inbox.)
  For instance, someone who read the subject line and then a message that simply said, 'Yes, I agree.' would not know if I agreed to the beginning of the event advertisement (about being tired of turkey and shopping), with the repeat/slam annoyance e-mail, or with the trailing reply e-mail, esp. when multiple e-mails with the same subject line sometimes get dumped in the bulk or junk area to due to strict spam filters.
  However, if this is a prevailing view, I certainly would not mind clipping the bits that aren't neccesary to understand the thread... What does everyone think?

David Jurgens <djurgens at swbell.net> wrote: "...what I find even more
annoying is that someone posts a two line response to a 100 line post and
does not clip out the offending post first."

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