[Ansteorra] Toys for Tots at Stargate Yule

Jennifer Dudley jen at clancircle.com
Wed Nov 21 15:53:31 PST 2007

Stargate Yule is having a Toys for Tots raffle.  Three wonderful prizes have
been donated for this event.  Lord Malachi Morgan has generously donated
another panel box, which an example can be seen here
http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/3670374#209796191.  The other two prizes
will be a shield and a stained glass picture.  We have requested the
presence of the Marines as usual so that they can accept the toys at the

This is the last event of the year that we will be doing a Toys for Tots
raffle and we would like to give the Marines as many toys as possible.
 Please bring a new or gently used toy and you will receive a raffle ticket.

Yours In Service
Lady Brenna MacDonald
Toys for Tots Liason
Coastal Regional Seneschal

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