[Ansteorra] Many Thanks From Bordermarch

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 17:15:45 PST 2007

        Kingdom Ansteorra, Barony Bordermarch, Friends and Family,
  So many people to thank so many new memories....
  Let us start with our home Barony and all those that worked tirelessly for days and weeks prior.  To those that came early to set up and stayed to tear down.  Those that worked long hours into the night and those that kept things going during the day. To those that served water and fruit, medical care and noble luncheon.  For those that stood before us, beside us and behind us.
  To our sister Baronies, Shires and households who helped with security, A&S, equestrian, heraldry, scribal, song, dance and food.
  To all who displayed their talents and all who shared their history.
  To our champions for performing with such talent and desire.
  To the chivalric, rapier, archery, equestrian and siege weapon community.  Your presence at the castle makes it come alive.
  To the merchants and taverns who offer their fine gifts, wears and succulent foods.
  To all who entered Crown Tourney and fought with the heart of a lion.
  To Their Highness's for a fight well fought and a battle won.
  To Their Majesties for having the confidence in us and our populace and allowing us the great honor of serving you and this Kingdom.
  ...and to all who entered Border Keep as visitor, friend or family...you are the ones that make this Kingdom great.  You are the reason the dream is alive.
  God's grace to each and every one of you,
  Santiago and Elisabeth
  Baron & Baroness of Bordermarch

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