[Ansteorra] An Apology re Glaslyn Spam

Pat Mullins paedrics at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 23:27:15 PST 2007

Very shortly after posting my rant to the Kingdom list I received a off-list message from Sir Morgan Buchanan chiding me for sending that message to the kingdom list.
Immediately after reading his email, I sent an apology,also off-list, to Sir Morgan, followed by an apology to the list as a whole. It appears my apology never made it to the list, so I will repeat it.
While I stand by the sentiments expressed in my earlier post, it was wrong of me to send it to the Ansteorran list as a whole, rather than directly to Lady Colleen. For this I apologize. I apologize also to anyone who was offended by my "shouting".
Having said this, I must point out that I am obviously not the only person on this list who has become annoyed at repeatedly receiving identical, or nearly identical messages 10 times over the course of a month. This is at least as much of an abuse of the forum as what I did. If this episode causes a reduction in the number of spam event announcements I will feel like I have accomplished something, even if I went about it the wrong way.
In conclusion, I hope that everyone will accept my sincere apologies for misusing this forum. I hope that the Canton of Glaslyn has a wonderful event, with better weather than has been forecast. I hope I don't get any more event announcements for Glaslyn Artisan until late next year, and then only one or two. I hope that after the event someone will post the names of the winners of the various competitions, so they may be congratulated. I hope that message won't be sent to the kingdom list 10 times in 34 days. I hope that everyone will have a safe, healthy, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Paedric, eating humble pie for Thanksgiving.
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