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A little while ago there was a discussion on this list about using  
made-up SCA words such as troll and feastocrat, autocrat and  
nastycrat compared to other more historical terms such as gate,  
headcook, event steward and gong farmer. In looking for something  
else I found this message which will eventually end up in the SCA- 
STORIES section of the Florilegium, but has yet to get there. I  
thought some of you might find it an amusing story about SCA  
vocabulary and perhaps a reminder to be aware of what terms are used  
in other parts of the Known World, whether you like the use of those  
particular terms or not.


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Stefan asks for the "Antirians go to Estrella" story.

ok, this has nothing to do with food. just so you know. that's the
other estrella story. the one about
donner pass and two college girls going over in a blizzard.... but I

so I'm taking the shiney new apprentice to Estrella. he's never been
out of kingdom, much less to an event
this big. We fly down with me, him, his spousal equivalent, and a
couple other friends who made the trip. we rent a van and drive to  
the site.

we get there, and its dark. and we follow the looooooong road to the
check in point. at which point a young
lady with a long spooky black cloak, most strange hair and a VERY
unfortunate number of facial piercings
shines her flashlight into our van and says, growlingly, "TROLL?"

erm. well. we all look at each other.  Young Lady repeats herself.
"TROLL???!!!!" Shiny apprentice boys
wife is driving and she looks at me blankly. I look at everyone else
blankly. Is the highly ornamented young
lady declaring herself a troll? cuz she kinda looks like one, being
all spooky and prickly and pointy like
that...is she asking if we're trolls? I mean, it has been a long trip
and we're rather travelworn and
definately not looking our best...is she asking for directions? much

then I remember that in some places, "troll" is the word they use for
"gate" or "check in". I smile brightly
and say "yes please!" and she points her shiny flashlight to direct
us to the tent where we check in.

I explain what "troll" means to my campmates and much giggling
ensues. (did I mention it had been a long trip?).

the end.


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