[Ansteorra] Glaslyn thread et al

serveradmin at ansteorra.org serveradmin at ansteorra.org
Thu Nov 22 08:26:29 PST 2007

I believe enough discussion has taken place about the Glaslyn announcements.
We're rapidly approaching dead-horse status, if not there already.

Sending an event announcement once a week to the general discussion list is
likely reasonable; sending identical (or near-identical) messages once a day
for several days in a row is Right Out. As it is entirely possible the
original poster didn't realize this, let's give her the benefit of the
doubt, shall we? I'm sure she's gained wisdom by now.

As usual, any concerns about list abuse or questions can be sent to
<listname>-owner at ansteorra.org; in this case, ansteorra-owner at ansteorra.org.

In service,
HL Emma de Fetherstan

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