[Ansteorra] Central Region 12th Night feast thanks

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 6 13:55:03 PST 2008

A lot of people really worked their tails off yesterday and all in good humor
and grace. One person usually gets the credit (or sometimes the blame)
for providing the ultimate in hospitality by feeding the populace. But I don't
think anyone can pull off a large feast by themselves.
These people made 12th Night happen in the kitchen:
Countess Sara Penrose, Baroness Alys, Ld. Will (I don't know the rest of his
name but he's new from Eldormere and totally awesome), Ly. Layla (who
paid full price for the feast and then refused to leave the kitchen to eat it).
These folk were in the kitchen all day and worked their tails off, without them
it wouldn't have been done.
Master Modius was there to get the serving running smoothly, make announcement
and helped whenever anything was needed.
Ly. Lyneya, Ly. Viviana, Ly. Maggie McPherson all made the homemade manchet
loaves to my rather vague specifications. 
Ly. Susana made the period drinks and Ld. Ironwyrm donated 5 gallons of small mead.
Ly. Katya and Ld. Michael Calhoun donated all of that venison which made me a very
happy cook.
To the people that came over for the sausage making party, especially Ly. Annwyn who
overcame her squeamishness and helped hand mix the forcemeat.
And to everyone who donated use of their turkey fryers, propane and stockpots, the 
feast literally would not have been able to be served. 
Ly. Rhiannon was our on-site liason and made a lot of problems go away.
Finally to Their Excellencies Elfsea and Her Excellency Steppes, the autocrats and
everyone who offered support. 
Thank you, 
Thank God it's over.
PS, I know I missed a couple of people, please forgive me and give me your name!
Watch “Cause Effect,” a show about real people making a real difference.

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