[Ansteorra] Dissolution of the Western Region

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What sad news!!!  And to announce it at a time that is meant for celebration!!!  

I started in the SCA in the Western Region and have many friends there and wonderful memories from my time there.  Ansteorra will much poorer when this goes through, both in the loss of an important Region, and with the way it was lost.

Lady Marlyna, formerly of the Western Region

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For those of you who were not at Bonwicke's 12th Night, it was announced 
that the King of Ansteorra was dissolving the Western Region and nuking 5 
shires of the region  "for our own good" (Am Loch, Adlersrhue, Crossrode 
Keep, BlackLake, and Mendersham.  This will be read into law next week, and 
the paperwork has already been been sent to the Board of Directors for 
implementation at the next Board meeting (January 26, 2008, Tampa Florida). 
The peers of the Western Region were informed of this decision, but were 
sworn to secrecy by the King to not relay this to the Populace or the group 
officers.  We were also told it was a done deal and there was no recourse. 
That Trelac should put in for Barony, and the former groups should decide if 
they wanted their zip codes folded into Trelac or Bonwicke.

In twenty years and four different kingdoms, I have never encountered such a 
lack of regard for 108 paying members of the SCA, nor of written procedure. 
I can not imagine how it could have been presented to the people concerned 
in a worse manner.

Mendersham was 16 years old, 12 substaining members, required officer slots 
filled, and reporting.  Your group is not safe either from dissolution at 
the word of a King, no matter how much money or time or effort or love you 
put into it.

HE AmaRyah

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