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Maria Buchanan scarlettmb at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 7 18:04:56 PST 2008

The problem with some street addresses is that the entrance to a site is not 
always on the street that the address is listed on.

In Gate's Edge we have most of our events at a site called Camp Camwood. 
You may have been there.  The problem is the address is listed on one street 
but that's where the mailbox is.  Not where the entrance to the site is. 
The entrance is actually down the street and around a corner.  You can't map 
that location though.  If you map the site you get the street address and 
then it's just confusing.  Now we actually put SCA signs on the road so you 
know where to turn.

I'd hope that groups that also have that problem would do the same thing.

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> Chiara,
> I'm with Haraldr on this one.  Often enough to be annoying, for
> official events, there is no street address for the site.  Sometimes
> a PO box is given, sometimes an intersection, and sometimes just the
> site's name.  As someone who is directionally challenged <grin>, I've
> more than once had to spend considerable time on the internet finding
> an address I can type in to my GPS system in my car.  Occasionally,
> I've had to just wing it, which is certainly doable, but when you're
> driving alone, it's nice not to have to stop to consult your map,
> especially when you have a nice little electronic brain that could
> guide you if you only had an address!
> Maggie
> On Jan 7, 2008, at 7:28 PM, Chiara Francesca wrote:
>> Greetings Haraldr (strange personal email address you go there ...)
>> It was posted to the list that full addresses with street names and
>> numbers
>> and phone numbers are already required of from Official events.
>> My only guess at this point is that you are hitting a lot of
>> unofficial
>> events, those which are not required to have this information. :)
>> Now GPS requests, those can be made directly here. Many on this
>> list have
>> the GPS locator codes for various event sites. Those are not
>> required of in
>> the publication of any event.
>> It is nice to have but it is easier to just ask for them here on
>> the list,
>> many do that already. :)
>> Every software has its kinks in that department too. :D
>> Chiara Francesca
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>> Greetings from another relative newcomer to Ansteorra,
>> Replying publicly so that future event staff will hear my request
>> as well...
>> May I also suggest encouraging
>> people to use street numbers and street names that resolve in the
>> various
>> mapping software and commonly used
>> GPS navigation systems.
>> Most events I've attended in this kingdom I've had to guess and
>> search to
>> find something I could enter into
>> the GPS systems in my vehicles to guide me on my way around this
>> new, to me,
>> kingdom. I know that some
>> kingdoms have a requirement that to be 'official' the event needs
>> to have a
>> street address or state 'no street
>> address'. But even most of those events always had an actual street
>> address
>> when you drove out there with a
>> GPS system :)
>> Thanks for listening,
>> Haraldr
>> HE Kainin Tepesa wrote:
>>> Apologize not good gentle, sometimes a fresh
>>> perspective is needed to remind us old timers that
>>> most of what we take for granted is not in fact common
>>> knowledge.
>>> I appreciate your honest observation and because of
>>> it, I will keep a sharper eye on that aspect.
>>> Many thanks,
>>> Baron Kainin
>>> Kingdom Chronicler
>>> --- Richard Yeager <chuymonstre at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>>> Dear Baron,
>>>> Thank you for your reply.  As I stated privately to
>>>> Sir Jean Paul, my original post was not to criticize
>>>> you in you capacity as Kingdom Chronicler nor the
>>>> event planners who designed their announcements.  It
>>>> was merely to point out this omission in the hopes
>>>> that individuals creating future announcements might
>>>> recognize that Ansteorra is a very large kingdom and
>>>> many of our event locations are in small towns and
>>>> communities that may be unknown to "outsiders".
>>>> I will quit stirring the hornets nest now and
>>>> quietly withdraw.
>>>> Cuan mac Niall
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