[Ansteorra] Bonwicke's Twelfth Night Thanks

paula hanna pippermint at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 8 12:19:41 PST 2008

Unto the Fair Barony of Bonwicke, the Stalwart Western Region and the Magnificent Kingdom
of Ansteorra does Baroness Oriana send greetings and warmest wishes.

I would like to take the time to add my gratitude to those invoved in every capacity at
Bonwicke's Twelfth Night.

First to Lady Katharine and Mistress Anna. I have stewarded or co-stewarded Twelfth Night
three times before, and I know exactly how much effort is involved in making an event
seem...effortless. You both defined grace under pressure in the face of impending,
overwhelming, life-changing news. Throughout, you held your head high and made all you
spoke to feel welcome and at ease. Thank you.

For Their Royal Highnesses, their dear and seemingly untiring entourage and Mistress
Saundra of Loch Raeburn and Master Phelim "Pug" Gervase. I can't begin to imagine what an
unenviable weight you have carried on your shoulders. I know you had a choice in where
you spent your weekend, and I know we all salute you for making the difficult choice to
share your time with us.

Unto Lords Jason, Aku and Efflam, thank you for your welcomed fare at the end of an
historic day. I have heard naught but kind words regarding your feast. And my thanks to
those who put aside their own meals to serve everyone else.

For Honorable Lady Serafina, who deserves more than a fair share of the credit for the
Nobles'/Populace Luncheon and absolutely all of the credit for the beautiful Gingerbread
Castle (with special decoration by Her Ladyship Mea and several of our populace's eager
children). There is never a task that I undertake that she isn't my Grand Vizier and
go-to girl. 

Thank you for those who participated in the day's competitions. To the 4 entrants in the
A&S: Honorable Lord Eric, Herr Wilhelm, Baron Chiang - and congratulations to Her
Ladyship Serafina for her stunning maiolica plates and acceptance as Baron Kainin's and
my final "Arts and Sciences Champion". You will additionally serve whomever is chosen to
oversee Bonwicke with all the grace and talent that I have seen you produce for years. My
thanks to Lady Clairiandra for judging the difficult competition alongside me and for
serving His Excellency and I so well as our prior Champion.

To all who fought so honorably and true, both rapier and chivalric. Regrettably I was
otherwise occupied inside the hall, but tales of your grace and dignity are already
sweeping through the land. I sincerely hope you enjoy all the bounty of Bonwicke that you
received - thanks to those who donated to the prize baskets.

To the Hero Kormak and his staff for pouring, casting, cleaning and polishing the site
tokens, and to Lady Clairiandra for carving the beautiful moulds in the first place. I
know that this is a task that oftentimes gets overlooked, and I would like to remedy
that. And speaking of overlooked tasks, thanks to Lord Alaric for heading and staffing
the front gate at the eleventh hour. You always work so graciously and quietly. Thanks
additionally to your gate staff.

As always, thanks to His Excellency Kainin for all the work he always handles with
courtesy and dignity at this and all Bonwicke events. He is a shining example of what
chivalry and service truly is. And always will be.

And finally an extra special vote of thanks needs to be given to Lord Tristan. There was
not a moment from set-up the night before until take-down the night after that I saw this
fair gentle rest. He climbed ladders, schlepped tables, hung banners, moved pavilions and
did, I'm certain, countless other tasks that I never even knew the half of. You, sir,
deserve a fine rest and a large amount of humble thanks. Please know that you have mine.

Whether you traveled from 2 miles or 200, I was glad to have shared the day with you at
Bonwicke's Twelfth Night. Some of you I have known for ages. Others I have only just met,
but you are my family and friends nonetheless. I think highly of all of you, and wish you
all grace and peace.

I remain humbly yours,
Baroness Oriana
Lady Bonwicke

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