[Ansteorra] Gee, Is this the Apocalypse? ;)

Patrick R tex_yankee2004 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 8 21:04:01 PST 2008

That reminds me I need to buy milk tomorrow thanks.

Rose & Chad <love at roseandchad.net> wrote:  Hate to say it, but I pay more for some of my magazine subscriptions than I did for our 2-person family membership. And the BOD did not cause inflation, higher ins. rates, etc. I would not feel remiss if membership fees were raised. I would shake my head at our country's economy, but I do that already when I buy gas, bread, milk, and eggs. Why should it not affect my fun pastimes, also? Movie tickets and amusement park tickets have gone up. And while I wish it were, the SCA is not immune to these things.

R the O

Donna Nesbit wrote:
I let my membership lapse the last time they decided I need to pay more. In my present frame of mine, it would not take much for me to let my membership lapse again.

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