[Ansteorra] comments on Western Region problem

Paul DeLisle ferretpd at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 22:35:34 PST 2008

Your Grace:

Thank you for your excellent analysis of this deplorable situation; and for
providing a rallying point to many who feel as you. 

First off, I speak as a former Western Regional Seneschal. My Lady supports
what I am posting; and she has been the holder of several offices in several
Shires in the Western Region, including Seneschal of two such Shires. 

We recognize, and understand that the Western Region has (and has
historically had) problems. Their geography, and their economy has much to
do with this situation; and no-one who has not lived there can truly
understand this (Nor, I think, can someone who has not lived *elsewhere*
truly understand the difference. We have done both.)
The Western Region, by it's very nature, creates talent and ability. This
region has produced (by our recollection) 3 White Scarves, 6 Laurels, 4
Pelicans, 3 Knights, and 2 Kings. Whether they currently reside in the
Western Region or not; they added to the Kingdom; and to the Knowne Worlde.
The essence of this "breeding ground" is the local groups. If the number of
"local groups" is reduced to two, the distances involved to "belong" to a
group are simply too far for any reasonable person to consider travelling

The Western Region does not need castigation, it needs support. NEVER has
the Kingdom (in the person of the Crown) turned their back on so many people
so callously. I agree with your assessment, and your suggestions, 100%.
The Crown should support their subjects, not reject them. 

In Service, we remain
Alden Pharamond (WSA, CIM, CSM, ASTA (Costuming, Bardcraft) OHBG, AoA;
former Western Regional Seneschal, Premier Wakeforest Herald)
Rolanda Rossner (CIM, CSM, Comet, AoA, Golden Bridle, Queen's Rapier; former
Seneschal of Adlersrhue & Mendersham)

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