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Wed Jan 9 05:42:39 PST 2008

I believe some of the perception that membership in the SCA is declining is because events are smaller than they used to be.  As many have mentioned, there are events every weekend now, sometimes two or even three a weekend.  It is very difficult to attend each event.  This is especially true with rising gasoline prices.  In the almost three years I have been in the SCA, I have seen events grow smaller as gasoline prices have risen.  I would not be able to attend many events myself, since I am on a fixed income that has not risen much at all over the last three years, if I did not sell enough of my wooden items to just about pay the gas and event fee to attend an event.  Still, unless it is a major event such as red tape or Kingdom A&S, I just don't travel more then 150 miles per event.  That may sound like a lot until you consider that I live about 100 miles from just about every event, even the really close ones.
That said, it is important to reach out to newcomers.  Befriend us, show us the ropes, help us figure out the Byzantine political structure and the "unspoken" rules.  I am still trying to figure those last two things out <g>.  

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