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Wed Jan 9 06:20:38 PST 2008

Please send questions, emails and etc concerning this topic to the GC
members directly.

Baron Armand is the GC member appointed by the Crown.

The others listed in HE Armands email as members of the GC from Ansteorra
are members at large.

All of our email address's are listed on the GC website.

If you wish to address your questions to all of us, that is a good idea so
we can all see the questions.


HE Niklas

> Some clarification if you would please.  Might help in understanding what
> exactly the issue is so we can more intelligently comment.
> Dragonetti <dragonetti at generich.com> wrote:
>>  > The Board of Directors would like the Grand Council to
>>  > consider the topic
>>  > of _*membership dues with respect to "pay to play", "pay to
>>  > participate",
>>  > "pay to fight", or "pay to...?"*_
> Is this meaning requiring membership for more than just being an officer.
> That is to do ANYTHING (enter contests, etc) would require you to be a
> member?  I may be incorrect, but my current understanding is that the only
> thing that absolutely required you to be a member right now is to be an
> officer.  Of course the non members are still "paying to play" now as they
> are required to pay a NMS at every event.
>>  > The Directors would like the Council to consider to possibilities of
>> a
>>  > tiered membership format, providing potential notions of how a tiered
>>  > format might work and how new members might be handled under such a
>>  > system.
> An explanation of they mean by this might be helpful.  Are we talking Tier
> 1 you can go to events, Tier 2 you can enter tourneys and A&S, etc.  Tier
> 3 you can be an officer?  What exactly are these Tiers?
> It may be i am just being slow in not understanding.
> Alasdair
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