[Ansteorra] Pay-2-play, Pay-2-fight, Pay-2-whatever...

David Backlin edrei at smythkepe.org
Wed Jan 9 07:36:16 PST 2008

When it was originally presented back in 1994, it was one must be a paid 
member to participate at ANY level. If you were not a member, you were NOT 
welcome at all.

I might add that ALL the Kingdoms opposed this and the BoD eventually backed 
down and instituted the $3 Non-Member surcharge.

But it's been a while (and a couple regenerations ago). I'm sure there are 
at least 10 people who remember otherwise and will jump in to correct me ;)

THL Edrei the Quiet
Shire of Smythkepe

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> Does 'pay to play' mean to pay more than the current membership, or only 
> that one must be a paid member to do these things. That is my question, 
> and no it has not been answered yet. As soon as I truly understand the 
> issue, I will be glad to reply to it.
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