[Ansteorra] Pay-2-play, Pay-2-fight, Pay-2-whatever...

Rose & Chad love at roseandchad.net
Wed Jan 9 08:53:12 PST 2008

Well, I asked those very same, very good questions, and received a reply in just a few hours. I certainly wasn't asked to be silent. Just was asked not to spam the list. Also, it might be useful for him to be able to say, 'Well, Bod, 53 of our members did not understand the concept that you asked about here, since they already pay to play, so I don't think they're very for it., etc...".
  On the contrary, anyone who can put up with my babble (politely, no less) might well be applauded. :) And if someone is willing to reply to each and every question, no matter how often asked, then I guess I can take the ten extra seconds to hit 'Compose' and then copy and paste his e-mail address into the 'To' line...

  R the O
Alasdair MacEogan <alasdair at bmhanson.net> wrote:
  ke5zw at wt.net wrote:
> Please send questions, emails and etc concerning this topic to the GC
> members directly.

I am sorry. I felt this was a clarification that would be useful to everyone which was why i posted it to the list in general. I felt that I may not be the only one confused. I thought that if everyone actually understood what was being proposed then they might actually be able to make intelligent comments and points.

Now again I apologize for I obviously must have misinterpreted his intention. As you request I will ask for no more clarification. I am afraid I will not be able to comment on this topic though as I am not understanding the intent or proposal. 

I will now be a silent on the subject as requested.

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