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Wed Jan 9 09:05:43 PST 2008

Salut cozyns,
First, I disagree with the concern that this discussion might inundate the list. It's an easily recognized subject line. Anyone who doesn't want to share in the discussion can delete everything that pops up under "Pay-2-play..." Besides, some of us who are not members of the GC would like to see what sort of recommendations this topic generates.
I understand asking this question. As someone else pointed out earlier, costs everywhere have gone up. The cost of maintaining SCA Inc. is not immune from inflation. More to the point, we've all known perennial SCA players who either allow their memberships to lapse or never got around to obtaining one. The non-member surcharge is intended to mitigate the potential burden that those individuals represent for the SCA (primarily concerned with insurance and litigation costs).
Currently, the Kingdom of Ansteorra requires pay-to-play only at a limited number of levels. Membership is required to fight in Crown, be fought for in Crown, be landed nobility, hold an office, autocrat an event, or be counted for population requirements of local groups. (Am I missing any?)
We are not, as far as I know required to hold a membership in order to attend events, to be authorized to fight, to be authorized to marshal a fight, to act as marshal-in-charge at a tournament, to act as head cook for a feast, to merchant at an event, or to receive an award. SCA Inc. does allow kingdoms to require membership for awards, but (correct me if I'm wrong here) I do not believe that has ever been used in Ansteorra.
Should we require paid memberships for any of these privileges? I really don't think so. The potential negative impact on recruitment outweighs the need to increase the income to SCA Inc. If that income needs to be raised, increase the non-member surcharge. I'm not a conservative thinker, but I think the membership requirements are appropriate as they stand. If the income to SCA Inc. is inadequate, perhaps the GC should consider a small increase in the non-member surcharge. I also think an administrative charge for authorization cards for non-members would be appropriate (a dollar or two would not be outrageous).
mes dous centimes,
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