[Ansteorra] Pay-2-play, Pay-2-fight, Pay-2-whatever...

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 9 09:16:38 PST 2008

Jay Rudin wrote:
> "Play to register names"?  We do.  Name registration costs money to do, so 
> the heralds quite reasonably charge for it.  But the marshals don't charge 
> me for paperwork the heralds do.  The A&S ministers don't charge me for 
> work the hearlds do.  Why should the BoD charge me for work the heralds do?
Just to further clarify, yes, we do pay to register heraldic 
submissions, but (in Ansteorra) membership is not required in order to 
submit items for registration.  Anyone can register names/armory, and 
the cost for that is standard for members and non-members alike.

My interpretation of a "pay to play" approach, in this regard, would 
mean that membership would be required before one could submit 
names/armory for registration, in addition to whatever additional 
processing fees the College of Arms/Heralds requires.  It also opens up 
the avenue for a non-member surcharge applied to submission costs.  For 
the record, I am not in favor of either of these options. 

In service,

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