[Ansteorra] Bards, Brewers, and Cooks (now with shopping!)

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Wed Jan 9 09:33:37 PST 2008

> I was originally going to send this to the Bardic List, but this is more> than just them. It was mentioned that this sounds more like a Gather.> Is there a group willing to host such an event? Could it get the status> of "Kingdom Event" so it would not count against a group's event limit?> Or "Multi-Group"?
My lady Elizabeth and I have been discussing holding such an event.
Then this weekend Master Ihon was talking to me about it. At first
our event was thought to be a teaching event of a Medieval Tavern.
During the day bards and brewers would hold classes, tables and
practices while I'd toil in the kitchen putting on a workshop for cooks
on period tavern foods I'd been researching. 
That evening everyone would get together in a hall decorated as
much like a tavern or inn as possible (ah, if there were only a way
to teleport the Green Dragon Inn from Gulf Wars to Ansteorra....)
and we'd drink the donations of the brewers, listen to the bards and
dine on period tavern fare.
Speaking with Ihon he wanted MORE interest from the fighting community.
Well, thinks I, when you think tavern you think brawls and when you think
tavern brawls you think Three Musketeers! So there could be a fun
torchlight tourney or tavern fight that night for the duellists.
"But", sez Ihon, "what about the armored fighters?"
"Dude", repliez I, "booze, food, bards and rapier folk beating each other up!
What more could a stickjock want?"
"Fighting", replied The Baron.
"Sigh....", avers I.
So.....how about a tres groovy Pas d'Armes during the day? 
That way we get all kinds of authentic periodish doings all day and
everbody's happy.
> Is there enough hard interest to merit holding such an event?
I dunno. 
But everyone has to pay-2-play in it and nobody can come from
the Western Region!  (or I could be wrong about that...)
> Master Ulf
ANYway....howzzat sound?
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