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I think the crux of the situation is:

What issues/problems is the SCA trying to address with the Pay-to-Play 
(meaning that you have to have a membership to go to or participate in an activity)?

Is it a security issue?
(i.e. people who pay are more invested in the community of the SCA so they might be ones who cause fewer problems?....or the SCA can use it's ability to restrict membership to make it easier to get rid of those who they deem undesirable so they perceive there will be fewer problems?...or ?)

Is it a money issue?
(i.e. have costs gone up enough that that corporate needs more money to run the organization?...or has membership gone down enough that the income they do have from those memberships no longer sufficiently supports corporate?...or because of the rise in costs - the kingdoms need a source of funding that doesn't rely on fund raising? or?)


L DeerSlayer

ke5zw at wt.net wrote: Based on "My" interpretation of what is asked....

It would be "pay to do "things"". "Things" defined as....fight, gain
awards, register names, etc. One must already be a member to be an
officer, so that is a not in question.

Some Kingdoms require one to be a member to fight, gain awards, register
names, etc. Ansteorra does not, nor does the SCA corporate. Only one must
be a member to be an officer.

I don't know if it would be pay "more" (as in cost of membership, that was
not addressed).


> Does 'pay to play' mean to pay more than the current membership, or only
> that one must be a paid member to do these things. That is my question,
> and no it has not been answered yet. As soon as I truly understand the
> issue, I will be glad to reply to it.
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