[Ansteorra] Western Region drive times

David Whitford dbw6969 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 11:54:11 PST 2008

As an additional side note, has anyone seen the size
of a few of Lochacs baronies? Maybe some ideas and
hints could be snagged from them.
--- Elizabeth Crouchet <elizabeth at crouchet.com> wrote:

> Even in the Bryn Gwlad area, (the greater Austin
> area) the longest
> distance between the extreme edges where we actually
> have members is no
> more than 1hour 15 minutes according to Google Maps.
> Buda to
> Leander(41mi) is listed as just under an hour but
> even at the best of
> times it has always taken more than that for me to
> actually drive it
> which has been about an hour and twenty minutes.
> Leander to Bastrop is
> listed as 1 hour, 11 minutes(55mi).
> Of course that is only true when it is not rush
> hour, which does
> increase drive times by at least half again as much
> if meetings happen
> on weekday evenings after 4:30 and before 7:30pm.
> That does affect
> attendance sometimes around here due to time and gas
> considerations, too.
> So if you divide the West into two groups, each
> group could measure  300
> miles by 170 miles or 3 hours by 2 hours. That is a
> very large area
> which poses obvious challenges.
> I have no solutions to offer right now. Best of
> wishes to you all.
> Claire
> Kathryn Childress wrote:
> > Hi Rose - Distance/drive time info per your
> request.  All figures are close estimates and drive
> time varies based on route, construction, and potty
> breaks.   :)
> >  
> > Group to group the Western Region spanned 6 hours
> and roughly 400 miles North to South and 2.5 hours
> and roughly 170 miles East to West.   The equivalent
> in the rest of the Texas is Fort Worth East to
> Longview and South to Laredo.
> >  
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