[Ansteorra] Bards, Brewers, and Cooks (now with shopping!)

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 12:42:26 PST 2008

Okay....I think we have reached some level of agreement that this is 
worth a risk.


Who's going to out it on? Some group has to front the money, get the 
site....all the traditional stuff for a small-medium event.

We can talk all we want people. I think we're fast reaching the time 
were someone needs to just step up to the plate.

Ivo Blackhawk

Elizabeth Blackthorne wrote:
> I would come to this without fighting, and know others in my area who would
> find this facinating.  As a member of an A&S group with one fighter who
> can't fight himself so has stopped, we would all love to see and support
> this kind of thing
> L.Elizabeth Blackthorne
> Shire of Crossrode Keep
> (for at least another week)
> On Jan 9, 2008 1:49 PM, Cisco Cividanes <engtrktwo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> YES! I have seen fighter's hijack non-fighting activities. (though not
>> an event)
>> I have plenty of friends who openly dismiss non-fighting event as "no
>> fun" without even attending them. and some of those same friends are
>> EXACTLY the type to post to the list the weekend before the event and
>> say "hay, Im going to bring my armor and do some pickup fights by the
>> parking lot if anyone wants to come."
>> No, we are not trying to solve a non-existent problem. The fighting
>> culture in the SCA is such that fighting is assumed to be welcomed at
>> every event (and it is 99.9% of the time, with open arms). and most
>> fighters don't realize  how much of a destructive drain even a pickup
>> fight off to the side would be at the type of event we are trying to have.
>> Yes, their are plenty of fighters who would come and not fight, but
>> their are plenty of people who would also come with armor, and would
>> armor up at the drop of a hat.
>> Also, I know some personalities who would not hesitate to use their rank
>> or prestige to try and get us to allow fighting, and ultimately,
>> depending on who the autocrat is, that is not a hard thing to do,
>> especially last minute.
>> This event goes against the prevailing culture of the kingdom. This is
>> not a bad thing, but that culture will push back, which is why we are
>> doing this the way we are.
>> Ivo
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