[Ansteorra] comments on Western Region problem

Chris Zakes dontivar at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 14:21:27 PST 2008

At 12:35 PM 1/9/2008, you wrote:

>   The distances involved are ALL in excess of an hour, in some 
> cases as much as two or more.  I do not wish to travel 1 1/2 hours 
> to a populous and 1 1/2 hours home, but I will if this action 
> continues.  Other shires have farther to travel than we of 
> Crossrode Keep would.  Blacklake has a 2 hour trip and Mendersham 
> almost as long.  Imagine how your involvement in the Dream would 
> change if you were told that you had to make a 2 hour trip to a 
> meeting or practice or seminar and another 2 hours to go 
> home.  Even if you had had a perfectly viable place at your home.

On the other hand, there's nothing stopping the folks in the 
soon-to-be defunct shires from holding unofficial fighter practices, 
guild meetings, etc. in their own area, too.

I can seed it now: The Group Formerly Known As Crossroad Keep will 
hold an Informal and Unofficial Fighter Practice in such-and-such a 
location on Sunday at 2:00.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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