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Maggie and everyone else,

This sounds like an awesome idea! When are you guys thinking of putting this
on? Where? Hopefully, I can help out!

Eleanor Cleavely
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At 02:31 PM 1/9/2008, you wrote:
>  And I think if folk wanted it, a Pas or fighter practice or
> whatever during the day would be fine

I think that we really should consider some events where those of us,
normally fighting, would have a chance to do the other things we love
without feeling like we have to neglect one thing in order to do
something else.  Yes, there will always be those who don't like the
idea and won't come, but that would happen even if there WAS fighting.

The original idea, on the bard's list, was an event for BARDS.  This
expanded to BREWERS because they so often are so welcome to a bard
and audience.  Then people thought that COOKS would also be welcome
and we could end the day with the results of all three groups classes
in a feast where the entertainment and drinking were provided.... or
something like that.

Specifically; Bards taking classes, competing in on-the-spot "write a
song/poem/story" competitions, and maybe a master class or
two.  Brewers taking classes, sharing brews and ideas, and maybe a
tasting contest or something.  Cooks taking classes, creating feast
menus, and a few hands-on exercises.

Does that sound interesting to anyone?


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