[Ansteorra] Pay-2-play, Pay-2-fight, Pay-2-whatever...

Harry Bilings humble_archer at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 9 17:29:37 PST 2008

When I let my membership expire I was told that I was no longer a marshal by my regional and the Kingdom marshal. So you have to be a member to be a marshal to be MiC of the list.
humble archer 
Ravens Fort Ansteorra
> From: sirlyonel at hotmail.com> > We are not, as far as I know required to hold a membership in order to attend events, to be authorized to fight, to be authorized to marshal a fight, to act as marshal-in-charge at a tournament, to act as head cook for a feast, to merchant at an event, or to receive an award. SCA Inc. does allow kingdoms to require membership for awards, but (correct me if I'm wrong here) I do not believe that has ever been used in Ansteorra.> > > mes dous centimes,> En Lyonel 
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