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Kaitlan Roisendubh kaitlan_kiera at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 18:37:51 PST 2008

Yes fighting was very much important in the middle ages, and to the victor comes the spoils is usually a thought I use.  That is how we pick a King/Queen (whoever wins) and many of the events revolve around this "victor" thought.  Those that have and still do fight regale of tales of well fought fights for crown or at war, that leads to bardic doesn't it.  I am sure all you fighters would love to boast of accomplishments at a bardic event am sure many of you would come up with wonderous tales... and some true too am sure.  

We must remember that though fighting was one of the major forms of work, there were many others.  Many woman, children and old people still had to make a way of life whether it was cooking or weaving or being a storyteller.  Even  the monks took time away from prayers to brew.

So instead of thinking well I am not going because there is no fighting.. come learn a different skill or come and taste the efforts of others... You love food and drink hopefully and with all the food and drink am sure you will find your tales of war will flow freely for others to learn from.


Cisco Cividanes <engtrktwo at gmail.com> wrote: I agree with JP.

but more to the point, let us NOT turn this into a "10 reasons fighters 
are bad", or "10 reasons to hate fighting" talk.

Fighting has many good points, and it is one of the best recruiting 
aspects of the SCA IHMO.  I myself was a fighter before fatherhood and 
heath conspired to take my free time away from me.

However, fighting has a powerful and dominant presence in the SCA, and 
I, for one, would like to not have to compete with that at a Bardic 
centered event.
Thats all.

Ivo Blackhawk.

Jean Paul de Sens wrote:
> To be frank, I don't feel this characterization is very fair, and shows a
> pretty strong bias by the author.  I think if you look at most of the events
> there is a plethora of activities, and that fighting is very rarely the
> center stage.  Honestly, the only event I know where there is ONLY fighting
> would be crown tournament.
> JP
> On Jan 9, 2008 5:00 PM, lambdakennels1 at juno.com 
> wrote:
>> I personally feel too much attention is given to fighters and not enough
>> to other people.  If you look at most events, the artisians, bards, heralds,
>> and such are putting on the event, even if it is a fighter only event.  The
>> A&S competition, except for Steppes Artisian and Kingdom A&S, usually gets
>> short shift while the fighting takes center stage.  At many events, there is
>> nothing for a non-fighter to do if they are not part of the event crew.
>>  Wouldn't it be nice if just once the fighters put on an event for the
>> artisans, bards, and heralds?  No fighting allowed.  Any fighter who
>> complained of boredom could be given a job to do to keep them from being
>> bored.  (You are bored?  We will find you something to do!).
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