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Paul Gilbert niklas at pbgilbert.net
Thu Jan 10 04:24:40 PST 2008


As one that is from West Texas and my Lady began her participation in 
the SCA in the Western Region back in the early 90's, I am confused as 
to why this has been done as some of the groups proposed for closing 
seemed to be viable.

 From the reasons I have heard, like the musical chairs of officers, low 
but not below min's populace counts, there are at least 2 or 3 barony's 
in the kingdom that would also qualify under those criteria for closing.


I am not privie to the details of the actions and will not make any 
further judgment on that other than scratch my head and ask questions to 
the proper persons.

I would like to suggest that the shires that are facing closing consider 
forming themselves into "Households" which would allow the local group 
to maintain a sense of unity and participation together until a time 
that the re-forming into a shire or canton would be possible.

A household holds no official status in the SCA, but in many Kingdoms 
they are a very powerful and viable social network of members who 
maintain a like mind.

The Amazons or Thunder are only households. But, who in most of the 
Known World has not heard of them and we all know of the kind of social 
or quasi-political power they carry in the SCA.

So there could be the household of "Crosseroads Keep" and "Blacklake" 
and so on. Your local identity would be maintained, as well as a web 
presence and even a non-official officers corp.

Just a suggestion I had not seen come across yet.

HE Niklas

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