[Ansteorra] We seem to be forgetting what it is bards *do*...

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 10 06:49:14 PST 2008

> >I think it has become obvious that adding fighting to such> >an endeavor would not be too popular or that it would face> >a dearth of attendees because of no fighting.
I think I left something out in the previous quote. What I meant to
write was "or that it would NOT face a dearth of attendees because of
no fighting."
Sorry. That changes things a lot.
> Bards praise heroes. How do we know heroes? By the praise of bards.> > Every fighter wants to be a hero. But not every fighter has the skill of a> bard, to make his or her deeds remembered in story and song.
I agree with you. I think every fighter, no matter how humble, wants to 
see their name in a tale or song. That's part of the reason to go through
the work and pain of fighting. It sure ain't for the monetary reimbursement.
The only true currency the SCA has is honor. I'd rather be remembered in
song and story than win a dozen Crowns.  There are dukes walking around
in all kingdoms who are basically forgotten. 
It is the true bards who make the fighters into something greater than
themselves, the true bards create heroes and legends. That's something
you don't see as much of in the the SCA. We've forgotten we are here
to be heroes.
 > Think about it.> > --Cadfan
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