[Ansteorra] We seem to be forgetting what it is bards *do*...

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 10 07:34:00 PST 2008

Michael Gunter wrote:
> I think every fighter, no matter how humble, wants to 
> see their name in a tale or song. That's part of the reason to go through
> the work and pain of fighting. It sure ain't for the monetary reimbursement.
> The only true currency the SCA has is honor. I'd rather be remembered in
> song and story than win a dozen Crowns.  There are dukes walking around
> in all kingdoms who are basically forgotten. 
> It is the true bards who make the fighters into something greater than
> themselves, the true bards create heroes and legends. That's something
> you don't see as much of in the the SCA. We've forgotten we are here
> to be heroes
All the more reason for people to give bards their patronage.  If you 
get a bard on your household staff, he/she will certainly write odes to 
your greatness (or someone whose greatness inspires you).  What bard 
wouldn't glorify their patron if that's the person who pays their 
bills.  Yes, it's certainly a mercenary position, but we bards gotta eat 
too! :)

Also, there are a lot of people out there who aren't bards that see 
inspiring things.  They could certainly commission a bard to put their 
recollections into verse if they don't feel they are sufficiently 
skilled.  What a fabulous gift it could be.  "Sir John, your great feats 
upon the field so inspired me that I had cause to be made a poem, 
written by Lord Hugh, formerly the royal bard of Aguynamedstan, to honor 
and immortalize your name.  Please accept it with my greatest esteem."

Alden Drake

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