[Ansteorra] Membership count reports

Elizabeth Crouchet elizabeth at crouchet.com
Thu Jan 10 08:46:15 PST 2008

I am not sure how membership counts are reported or collected but I
think a revamp of the information provided on that report may be useful
at this time.

I would like to see that report show number of sustaining/subscribing
members, number of other members over 18 and number of paid minor other
memberships. Minor sustaining members may also need to be a category.

This may require a little more info to be included on the forms sent to
corporate when obtaining memberships.

That would give all the kingdoms a nice breakdown of the information.
This might help us to determine if we need to change which memberships
count towards certain things or if more or fewer kinds or levels of
memberships might be wanted.

It would give a nice breakdown of the makeup of the local members that
have 'bought into' the local activities with this kind of commitment.

It would be undoable to get any kind of accurate count of the nonmembers
active in a local group. Gate counts won't work because some people are
not active but only come to an occasional event. Some members forget
their proof of membership and pay the NMS and that skews the numbers.

This could be a simple thing to accomplish as we already collect
information when you sign up for a membership and we already report some
membership numbers based on that info. Just, more info could be more

So who do I send this suggestion to for consideration?

BTW, it seems ironic that we ask those volunteers that want to work the
hardest to keep the organization going to pay the most for the
privilege. But I do understand that you need to be a member to come
under the corporate structure umbrella to have the authority to do the job.


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