[Ansteorra] Member or Not?

Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace sirlyonel at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 10 12:54:39 PST 2008

Salut cozyns,
Master Tivar dit qe:
> As Colin pointed out, the Corporate rules don't require a sustaining > membership. For that matter, the phrase "sustaining membership" can't > be found anywhere in Ansteorran Kingdom Law (I just checked.) The > phrase "subscribing membership" is used whenever the number of > members for a group is mentioned, but the word "subscribing" is never > defined. Thus there is no clear black-and-white statement of whether > a Family or Associate member qualifies as a subscribing member. I > think it's a reasonable interpretation that "subscribing member" > means "paid member" (of any flavor.)<<<<
Sorry, but I don't see that as a reasonable interpretation. At best, it's arbitrary. An associate membership doesn't include a subscription to anything. Besides the governing documents of the SCA define "subscribing member":
• Subscribing member: A Sustaining or International member of the SCA, Inc. or its approved
equivalent in an affiliated organization.
Ansteorran Kingdom Law needs a glossary.
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