[Ansteorra] family vs sustaining memberships

Elizabeth Crouchet elizabeth at crouchet.com
Thu Jan 10 13:00:36 PST 2008

I believe any level of membership is good to be an officer with the
requirement that either your membership level gets you a Black Star _Or_
that you reside someplace that does receive one so that you have access
to the publication to see changes to rules and laws.

So a family membership usually covers this but an associate membership
does not necessarily provide this unless you live with a sustaining member.

That is my understanding but I am not sure where that is defined.


Goldweard wrote:
> I have a question.   If a family membership is not counted as a voting member, can an individual who holds a family membership hold an office since technically they do not receive the blackstar but it comes to their family's home.
> I maintain a sustaining membership,  and am an officer, but if my partner who is just a family member wishes to hold an office, can he do so, or does he have to upgrade to a sustaining membership

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