[Ansteorra] Member or Not?

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Since Kingdom law says it is subject to Society law, the definitions in
Corpora should be read by anyone attempting to understand Kingdom law. To
duplicate laws or definitions in Kingdom law invites a disconnect when
Society law changes and we do not update Kingdom law. 

Caelin on Andrede

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Salut cozyns,
Master Tivar dit qe:
> As Colin pointed out, the Corporate rules don't require a sustaining >
membership. For that matter, the phrase "sustaining membership" can't > be
found anywhere in Ansteorran Kingdom Law (I just checked.) The > phrase
"subscribing membership" is used whenever the number of > members for a
group is mentioned, but the word "subscribing" is never > defined. Thus
there is no clear black-and-white statement of whether > a Family or
Associate member qualifies as a subscribing member. I > think it's a
reasonable interpretation that "subscribing member" > means "paid member"
(of any flavor.)<<<<
Sorry, but I don't see that as a reasonable interpretation. At best, it's
arbitrary. An associate membership doesn't include a subscription to
anything. Besides the governing documents of the SCA define "subscribing
. Subscribing member: A Sustaining or International member of the SCA, Inc.
or its approved
equivalent in an affiliated organization.
Ansteorran Kingdom Law needs a glossary.
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