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As has been noted, sustaining is not the correct word. Both Society and
Kingdom law refer to subscribing which is defined in the Corpora documents.
Subscribing is paying for a subscription to the newsletter.

In service,
Caelin on Andrede

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Master Robin said:

"If you would stop trying to force an untrue meaning, you would realize that
your complaint isn't that "you aren't counted as a member"; it's that you
think all members should be counted to sustain shire and baronial status.
Your problem is that you didn't realize what "sustaining membership" means.
It means a membership that sustains the group."

Forgive me, good Master, but I have to disagree with you. There are those
who are Associate members and Family members who pay their membership fees
which "sustain" their group. I think those people should be just as viable
as those who are considered "sustaining". I pay my site fees, volunteer at
events, hold offices, teach classes, waterbear, paint scrolls, etc etc etc
etc...does that not also sustain the group? According to the current
definition of "sustaining member", does my lesser fee not "sustain" the
group? Does not the money all go to the same place?

I believe that the BoD should look again at what "sustaining" means. I know
this is all word-play, but perhaps it is time for some redefining of terms.
Those who pay their site fees, regardless of amount, should be considered

Just my two measely ducats,
Eleanor Cleavely

"Mine honor is my life; both grow in one;
take honor from me and my life is done."
--William Shakespeare

Ego existo obstinantus - I am resolved

Reluctor ultum , pareo parum - Resist much, obey little
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