[Ansteorra] Western Region drive times

Michelle Gilyeat mgilyeat at satx.rr.com
Thu Jan 10 23:57:38 PST 2008

Just a note of errata - Delaware may become two shires.  There is 
currently a group in southern DE who wish to create their own shire as 
"northern DE is too far away".   [I just moved from there to TX last 
week.]   Most events now take place in the Newark/Wilmington area, with 
only a few down towards Dover.

I was actually rather happy when I moved from Baltimore to Newark.  
Bright Hills events were spread out across 4 large counties in Maryland, 
so sometimes I didn't feel like driving an hour to an event (hey, I 
worked nights, getting up early isn't really my thing).  Events with 
Caer Adamant were Really Close, so I had no excuse not to go to a few.  :D


> Mike Dudley <casualgeek at gmail.com> wrote:  I was there when Caer Adamant was founded....a long time ago. Delaware is
> about 30 minutes drive across at its widest and maybe an hour and half top
> to bottom. Back then at least, most of the meetings and such where around
> the Dover area, so nobody had more than about a 45 minute drive to get
> there. Not quite in the same league as Lochacs baronies.

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