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It does not matter whether the losses are people moving to another area of
the kingdom, another kingdom, or losing interest. The net result is a
reducing pool to take on the responsibilities of effectively running the
groups. You can certainly argue that the existing pool is sufficient, but
you cannot argue that the existing pool is not becoming smaller. And the
Kingdom officers have said there is some evidence that it is not large
enough at this time.

Caelin on Andrede

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Greetings Ansteorra,
Many people seem to believe that loss of numbers is people allowing
memberships to lapse, that is often not the case.  People move for modern
reasons and move their membership with them.  This looks like a "loss" when
in actuality it is often another group's "gain".  Here in West Texas this
happens many times due to economy and the better jobs being in Dallas, Fort
Worth, Houston, Austin, etc.  The real "losses" are the people who move to
these areas, move their membership and then decide not to play due to the
local group.  The areas I have mentioned are areas that a 20 person drop
would not feel significant, however is very significant.  An investigation
of the "lost" numbers who have moved and become a "gain" for someone else
would shed light on this.  Especially if these "gained" members then let
their membership lapse.  We would then find out what groups are really
retaining and what groups are losing.  This investigation need not be done
on any official level, but could be done to pin point problems that we
aren't aware of so that they can be fixed.

As far as West Texas, though we will always have the drops as I said before,
but we have many "home town folks" who will remain here to keep this dream

L. Elizabeth Blackthorne
Shire of Crossrode Keep

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