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Please cite an example of such an instance in this Kingdom
in the last 10 years.

L DeerSlayer

Chass <charinthalis at sbcglobal.net> wrote: But if your numbers are larger than the required Group be it 
shire/canton/barony and you have a full slate of officers and they use this 
excuse something is amiss. From what has been said this was the case of a 
couple of the groups.

Chass of Rundel aka Charinthalis Del Sans

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> It does not matter whether the losses are people moving to another area of
> the kingdom, another kingdom, or losing interest. The net result is a
> reducing pool to take on the responsibilities of effectively running the
> groups. You can certainly argue that the existing pool is sufficient, but
> you cannot argue that the existing pool is not becoming smaller. And the
> Kingdom officers have said there is some evidence that it is not large
> enough at this time.
> Caelin on Andrede 

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