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Elizabeth Blackthorne eblackthorne at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 16:07:19 PST 2008

I appologize for the way it came out, I was not trying to say you felt this
way about my group only that no one, except the decision makers, know the
full details.  Unfortunately, because of the still raw emotions tied to
this, I do assume that posts such as yours, were meant about my group.  Life
would be so much easier for all if we knew all the details.  I hate
secrecy!!! Nothing that happens in our organization is a matter of National
Security, so I believe ALL MEMBERS should know what is going on at all
meetings and should be allowed to attend any and all meetings.  Secrets
always reek of conspiracies.

Once again, I am truly sorry for being so defensive, but I never thought I
would ever be put in a situation where my group needs to be defended like it
is now.  I have strong hopes that this will be resolved in the April BOD
meeting so we can all go back to discussing other aspects of our game.

L. Elizabeth Blackthorne

On Jan 11, 2008 4:12 PM, Eadric Anstapa <eadric at scabrewer.com> wrote:

> Elizabeth, you are being overly defensive and reading more into my
> message than what I actually wrote.  I was simply pointing out that the
> healthy of a branch is about more than just raw numbers or officers on
> the roster.  There are more factors that have to be considered.
> I never wrote that I knew, felt, or had any opinion on the relative
> health of any of the branches involved.  Only that there were other
> factors that had to be considered.
> Regards,
> -EA
> Elizabeth Blackthorne wrote:
> > Greetings Eadric,
> >
> > With the suspension of 5 groups all at once pending a BOD investigation,
> > before forming opinions about these issues, one should know all the
> facts.
> > The problem with this is that very little information about this is
> coming
> > out from those who made this decision "for our own good".  I could write
> > pages about why this is not the case in my group, but that is the only
> group
> > I know of, for sure.  Because this was done to us, I have a feeling that
> > maybe the other groups might be in the same situation.  No one from the
> west
> > has stated anything about disolving the region as a reporting entity, I
> > personally see the reasons behind this were just, we are talking about
> out
> > groups.  We have as much information as you do, and you can't speak
> > definites only maybe's.  What I as a member of one of the suspended
> groups
> > want is a clear list of what we are doing wrong, no more side stepping
> with
> > the terms "officer burn out" or "for our own good", or "acceptable
> > canidates".  My group has 10 members, 8 are sustaining which is over the
> 5
> > required.  All 10 are core members, meaning they regularly attend
> meetings
> > and functions.  I stepped down from office (Seneschal) on 01-01-2008 and
> > have not been "roped" into another office.  I have applied for one
> > (Exchequer), but that is because I enjoy holding offices, not because
> there
> > is "no one else".  I'm considering applying for Kingdom Seneschal as it
> is
> > listed as Accepting Applications instead of Local Exchequer. I'm just
> not
> > sure the timing is right for me to be considered based on my merits, not
> on
> > the current situation.  I am going to think on it a little while
> longer(few
> > days).
> >
> > L.Elizabeth Blackthorne
> >
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