[Ansteorra] A Farewell

HLDarcy HLDarcy at hot.rr.com
Fri Jan 11 16:58:30 PST 2008

I began playing in the SCA and Ansteorra in 1981.  For most of those years the SCA provided some of the most enjoyable moments in my life.  As I have always believed in pay to play, for the majority of that time I was a paid member.  The only time my membership lapsed was during a few times of inactivity.  I lived in a shire where I had many good times and knew many people who until recently I thought were friends.  Over the course of those years I often said I never had any problems with the organization, just an occasional person I had a disagreement with and that is to be expected in any organization.  However, I can not longer say that.  In the last few years I do have a problem with the organization.  Something has gone wrong.  And something has gone wrong with the people who are running it.  It seems as if the well being of the members is no longer important; only the bureaucracy and the people running that bureaucracy.

My membership is due for renewal soon.  I will not be renewing it.  On the very rare occasion that I might now attend an SCA event I will pay the extra as a non-member.  

The SCA is no longer fun.  And at my age (today is the 14 anniversary of my 39 birthday) I refuse to do anything that isn't fun.

And so I bid you all farewell.

HL Darcy Evaline o Lasgwm
AoA, Comet, Crane, Thistle (Needlework), Thistle (Weaving), Star of Merit

No longer proud to say that she was from the Shire of Middleford in the Kingdom of Ansteorra

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