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Donna Nesbit themaefare at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 11 17:12:30 PST 2008

Both Dante and Tivar Moondragon asked the same question I had,  why can't the local grroups be added to other kingdoms or put on kingdom land rather than dissolved?  I know from personal experience how hard it is to reform a group once it is dissolved.

Patrick R <tex_yankee2004 at yahoo.com> wrote:
  I have always enjoyed the company of people from the west and will make every attempt to join you for your events. 

As I have little knowledge of what actually happened (or will happen) I do have one question if I may. It seems from my understanding of the problem, that there are insufficient members to fill regional offices. Could we not keep the local groups and just incorporate them into surrounding regions? I know it is not a perfect solution but sounds better than the alternatives.


Elizabeth Blackthorne wrote: Greetings Ansteorra,

Many in this Great Kingdom have expressed a desire to help us. I want to
give everyone a way to accomplish this goal.

Attend as many of our events, whether on or off calendar, as you can, and
bring your friends with you.

If you have modern friends/family in our area who expressed an interest in
our organization, even in the past, encourage them to attend activities and
get in touch with us. Be willing to accompany them to one of our events so
that they do not feel like they are alone. Introduce them to all of us so
that they can learn what wonderful people we are. Even if you do not know
us, please do this. That way you can meet new friends as well.

If you have a talent you could teach, let us know so that we can set up a
venue for you to do this.

Talk to others you know and encourage them to do these things as well.

Together we can help each other, this could be a start for all of us to
encourage growth in the Kingdom instead of just our own areas.

L. Elizabeth Blackthorne
Proud to be a member of Crossrode Keep
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