[Ansteorra] The Western Region

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>From what I've seen, it's pretty much a done deal; however, doing 5 at once 
might change the mix.  If not, then at the next BOD meeting , when the 
zapping of the 5 Shires come up; they'll say, "How regrettable. Next item on 
the agenda?"  or something very similar.  As far as they are concerned, 
groups come; groups go....

However, there can still be a GREAT life after being trashed out by the 
Ansteorra.  Contact me off line for details.  :)

Burkhaven, An Odyssey of Learning
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>> To all Members in Ansteorra,
>>     I have been reading and trying to find in the "rules' , "by-laws" and
>> anything thing else that I could read concerning this desolation of the
>> Western Region. There are 4 pages dealing with sanction for 1 
>> person....we
>> are talking about a whole division of people  and I only found 1 
>> paragraph
>> that comes close to addressing this and it really was not about doing 
>> away
>> with a Region. In fact, I could not find really anything that states the
>> process for doing this or the reasons for doing this.
>   The Regions in Ansteorra are an administrative convenience created by 
> the
> Kingdom, and they can be created, reorganized and dissolved by the Kingdom
> at the will of the Crown, with the approval of the Kingdom Seneschal. 
> The
> Corporation has nothing to do with it.
>   Cantons, Shires, Provinces, Baronies, Principalities and Kingdoms are
> officially recognized branches of the SCA inc.  It requires an act by by 
> the
> BOD to to change the status of one of these branches.  So the disbanding 
> of
> the Shires is not official until approved by the BOD, but the dissolution 
> of
> the region is done when the Crown says it is done.
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