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Sat Jan 12 21:08:45 PST 2008

I'm sure you wanted facts and figures on reporting, naming names...
and point by point considerations...

That would just cause people to point fingers at each other and cause more problems... 

it actually is much better for people to direct their anger at the Crown and the Great Officers.  

Though... this has been a very long time in coming... 
unfortunately the economics of the area have led to not only it's loss of members but loss of it's population base to draw from... 

and many people have valiantly carried on to keep the West going for many years... sometimes holding the same position several times...
just to keep a Group/the Region afloat

If any one is truly interested in the whole situation...
it might be a good idea for you to go to Round Table...
and ask your questions direct to those who made the decisions...
(Except the Crown that made the decision... they're stepping down this weekend
you'll have to corner them at an event sometime in the future ;)

L DeerSlayer

Rose & Chad <love at roseandchad.net> wrote: Hmm... I guess I meant something more detailed than that, as those are very broad topics. However, on second thought, it would probably be a very long post and not neccesarily list-appropriate. :)
  R the O

L T  wrote:

The Acting Kingdom Seneschal did state why...
in the first of the e-mails titled "Dissolutions..."

(copied from the Ansteorra archives...)

Good Morning,

This weekend at Bonwicke 12th Night, Their Highnesses, Mistress Saundra
(Kingdom Exchequer), Baron Kainin (Kingdom Chronicler), and myself (Acting
Kingdom Seneschal) presented to and fielded questions from the populace of
the Western Region some very sad and heart-wrenching news. As has been
posted already, the Western Region and 5 of its Shires will be dissolved at
the upcoming Coronation. These groups will be polled in order to give
feedback on which group they want to be consolidated into and then which
region that larger group will be merged with.

While there are many rumors flying around, this decision was not made my
any single individual and did not come lightly, quickly, nor in a void.
There have been issues with recruitment, retention, reporting and acceptable
officer applicant pools for years. This has been the case from the local
level through the regional offices.

As was stated to these fine individuals, we weighed everything imaginable
in this decision including alternate solutions such as making the groups
cantons or moving them to different regions but nothing short of
consolidation solved the bigger picture issues. While the timing may appear
horrible on the surface, there is never a good time to relay news of this
magnitude and this allowed the most individuals affected to be present for
the discussion. As well, while we were not required to go to Bonwicke 12th
Night to discuss this with them since it will be read into law at
Coronation, we felt strongly that the people of the region deserved us to be
there in person to present the information and answer their questions.

While it is sad news, there are hopes that something new can come out of
this. The members of the groups that choose to consolidate with Trelac will
be given time and encouragement to stabilize and work towards becoming a
Barony. This is the small silver lining in an otherwise ugly thundercloud.

On a side-note, here is no reason that Gothic War can not continue as a
multi-group event. There is no reason that they can not hold their previous
events as local calendar events.

This drastic decision is supported unanimously by the Crown and Great
Officers of State because we feel it is what is right for the kingdom. In
front of these people, I made a promise to them that if they can solve their
historical problems and reform, I will personally go to each group to thank
them and apologize for these actions taken against them.

This news is hard on the entire kingdom, but most of all the almost 50
members of these groups being dissolved. They will have a hard road in front
of them, please show them your support and lend them your council.

In Service,
Master Phelim Gervase called Pug
Acting Kingdom Seneschal

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