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On Jan 11, 2008, at 6:19 PM, willowdewisp at juno.com wrote:

> Thank you about making the point that "fighters" do other things.  
> As a Household of fighters I sometimes get a little upset when all  
> the other activities I do are put against fighting.
> willow

But it is often the fighters who want fighting at every event. And if  
an event doesn't have it, then they often won't attend. I've often  
seen this for both armored and rapier fighters. Some will attend, no  
matter whether there is fighting or not, but the numbers do go down.

Part of the problem is the tremendous number of different activities  
which can down be done at an SCA event. We're doing a lot of things  
we weren't when I joined, only 19 years ago. Equestrian activities  
and jousting for instance. When you have so many different activities  
at a single weekend event, it is hard to not have time conflicts.  
Bryn Gwlad has been struggling with this the last few years,  
particularly in regard to championships when there appear to be  
baronial championships for every activity.

I don't have a good solution, other than individuals not trying to do  
everything at every event. Or when organizing events, not try to have  
an overwhelming number of different activities at the same event. The  
latter also means less staff is needed to put on an event and eases  
the, sometimes poor, volunteer turnout.

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