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At 12:20 AM 1/13/2008, you wrote:
>This actually makes a lot of sense. One warranted officer and one 
>authorized marshal for fighter practice. They could even be the same 
>person. The marshal could have a family membership, or not even be a 
>paid member.
>Maybe they could call themselves Blacklake, (for example) an Outpost 
>(or Mission, or Kumquat, or whatever term currently has no official 
>meaning in the SCA) of the Barony of Bonwicke.
>These "outposts" would be totally dependent on the Barony 
>financially,  and could not hold their own calendar events, but 
>otherwise not much need change. The "outposts" could have official 
>fighter practices and guild meetings.They could even continue 
>hosting their own events, but unofficially. No kingdom awards could 
>be given, or kingdom law enacted, but people deserving of kingdom 
>awards could surely receive them at the Barony's events.
>Maybe the Barony could even be given a few more Kingdom calendar 
>events. There will never be a competing event in the region, and 
>seldom a competing event within 250 miles, (even if the event is 
>held at an outpost). The Baron and Baroness could make a yearly or 
>biennial (if there are several outposts) progress through their far 
>flung lands.
>The only problem I see is if there were several outposts, having 
>enough warranted officer positions to be filled. Is there, or could 
>there be, such a thing as a warranted deputy seneschal?
>Expanding on a good idea,

That mechanism already exists, it's called a Canton. Quoting from Kingdom Law:

Section 3 : Cantons
A canton is a branch recognized by the Crown, formed under the protection of a
barony, which fulfills the requirements listed below:
A. At least five subscribing members of the SCA.
B. A warrantable seneschal, treasurer, and at least one of the following: a
marshal, herald, or minister of arts and sciences.
C. A name and arms that have been registered with the College of Arms.
D. A record of at least six months of regular activity.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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